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Once denim was considered functional. A staple. Dismissed by fashion innovators as the comfort food of the fashion world. It was the late 1990’s in la, when a group of friends got together and decided that needed to change. Together, they made a vow: to discover a style of life worth living. The desire to use fashion to stand out brought people together. A jolt of inspiration. A burst of wow. It was time to take what they had discovered and use it for the good of all mankind. Their vision was simple and original; to make denim incredible. To create a brand for people who crave inspiration, who want to heighten their sense of style, fit, and fashion. For people who want to be transformed. They had one goal: to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Attention was paid. No detail was too small. Cut, fit, stitch, button, pocket, wash, distress, fabric. Together they revolutionized denim, making it sensuous, relaxed, refined. 7 is an attitude for people who enjoy being looked at when they enter a room. For people who aren’t afraid to seize the day… and own the night. For anyone who wants to lead, not follow. For these people we created 7 words to live by: look and feel incredible at any moment. This is the promise of 7.